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Thursday, December 07, 2006


When I lost my job, Cody told me to take at least a week to just relax and to get to know myself. I thought it was kinda kooky, but it's actually been really good. I've done a lot of cleaning out (getting rid of junk that I'd been hanging onto for who-knows-what-reason), and today I had a revelation that I could really start taking care of myself physically, now that I have the time. So I've taken Sarah's idea and have started to watch what I eat, I have re-discovered all my fitness movies, and I'm going to start getting closer to God (and hopefully Cody will follow suit in all these areas).
I am a wonderful person, and it has been great getting to know me :)

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Wow more negativeness on my blog, but I had to tell y'all that I just got fired from my job as Assistant Front Desk Manager at the Royal Oak Inn & Suites. Yah - not that I wasn't doing a good job (everyone who transfers there from the Vic gets fired or quits) - there was a lot of backstabbing, lying, miscommunication, and misinterpretation. Take all that and throw in the fact that a couple of the girls had it in for me (one literally came up to my face and basically said outright that she was trying to get me fired -- and this was in my first week).
It totally sucks, and I don't think the General Manager supports the Front Desk Manager's decision about this because:
1) He created this position solely for me - they didn't need an Assistant FD Manager, but he loved my resume and experience;
2) He purposely left before noon the day that she was going to fire me so that he wouldn't have to do it;
3) The only reason she did it was because she can get away with it, because the General Manager is done at the end of this month too.
That hotel is losing their GM, their Banquet Manager, their Asst. Banquet Manager, and they just lost their Asst. FD Manager (me)... going through managers like crazy - that's gotta tell you something. Bad juju over there.
But that's ok - cuz when God closes a door, he opens a window. I'm getting out of the hotel industry (good time to, why not?) and possibly jumping into retail again or office work. I love working with customers but I don't want to ever have to work nights again!! BLLAaaagh!!
So there, that's my story. At least I'm free now for all the Christmas programs.