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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dangerous Disease

Most of you probably have not heard, but Sarah's and my Auntie Teresa has been in hospital for two or three weeks. She was originally in Hamiota, but transferred to Brandon when they found out it was more serious than they thought, and now she is in Health Sciences in Winnipeg. The doctors don't know what this is, or how it came about. My uncle and aunt own alpacas, which could possibly be the carrier, but other than that, they have no leads.

Please pray for my Auntie Teresa, and also for Uncle Brian as they go through this. Because it is highly volatile and contagious, visitors are not allowed (though Uncle Brian has gone to see her). Following is some excerpts of emails I've gotten regarding her condition:

- Her diagnosis is yet to be forthcoming and her case has all the doctors stumped. She had a high fever, vomiting, diarhea, breathing trouble, rash, you name it she had it. They have her off most of her meds - blood pressure, diabetes, anti-depressant- which will have its own repercussions as well, but they wanted to rule out drug reaction/interaction off their list.

- She has been transferred to Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, and she is in isolation, since they still have not ruled out contagious/dangerous diseases. At this point they have two doctors assigned just to her case and have not come up with a conclusion (or at least they are not saying anything at this point....that means they either have not found the cause, or there is no cure for it, hopefully the former rather than the latter).

- The doctors are still stumped. She underwent a colonoscopy, a bonemarrow sample, and a multitude of blood tests. They said her colon wall is a bit swelled along with her spleen, and she has bacteria in her urine. But I was talking to the gastoinogolist and he said all the tests were inconclusive. Her fever still spikes, and she gets the shakes and chills when that happens. Still has her rash, and her face is peeling, which she is unhappy about.