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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Totally forgotten

Wow... After I shut down learnelvish.com (my baby!), I went into webpage withdrawl - I didn't want to replace my darling with another webpage. The pain was just too great. I had poured my soul into that website since April 2001 and now it was gone.

But then a miracle happened...

Just today I clicked on an old link and it took me to an exact replica page of learnelvish.com and I realized that it still lived on in my Geocities account!! That's right, my baby is alllIIIIIiivveEEE! I don't have my domain name anymore, so it's a tedious address (www.geocities.com/inehtra192) but who cares!! I don't need the public to visit it anymore - it's just a wee escape for me to go update it and be nostalgic as I surf through the many pages I built from scratch.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Ok, I handed in to my manager an official complaint letter. I'm giving her a couple months, and if things don't change (as far as Night shifts), then I'm going to find a different job. Cuz these nights are affecting Cody now too, and that's not right. He's worth more to me than any job (despite the fact that I tried for MONTHS to get in at the Vic Inn).

She finally posted a job opening on HRDC (after 2 weeks), and supposedly we got one application already. If we don't hire someone, then we'll cycle through 6-week nights, once the new girls get trained. I am not doing that. All the other hotels in Brandon do that, but I will not. I refuse to be stuck in that kind of situation - I hired on when they didn't require us to cycle through. So, I'm finally putting my foot down.