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Monday, July 31, 2006

What a whiner

Boy, it seems like all I do on here is complain. What a downer I am. So this post is entirely about all the good things in my life.
1) Cody
2) Sarah and Rob living so close.
3) Getting to see dad every week (and now mom, since she doesn't work anymore)
4) Having a goal for our future
5) Being able to afford all our goals
6) lots of thunderstorms this summer
7) Baca group (small bible study with others our age... and older)
8) having a job
9) Sassy. She is so adorable
10) my health
If any of you read through this and it makes you reflect on how blessed you are, please post your own little list in the comments section. It'll spread warm fuzzies through us all!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Night Owl

I think my boss is trying to turn me into a nocturnal creature... a vampire, an owl, maybe a cat, because she has scheduled me for SIX NIGHT SHIFTS IN A ROW!

I think I may die (whoa, deja vu, have I said that before?). Although I am rather proud, because for 3 of those shifts, I will be training someone. I will be training someone who has a DEGREE in hospitality & Tourism, someone who has been at the hotel for YEARS longer than me... makes me feel like I'm in a higher position than her, which extremely boosts my ego :)

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Yay, it's our Anivirthday! Cody and I are combining our anniversary with my birthday, since they're only 8 days apart. So our anniversary passed quietly on July 1st with just a kiss and a "Bye dear, gotta go to work", but for our Anivirthday, I've got us the VIP Suite at the Victoria Inn for 2 nights. I get it free for the first night (perks of being employed there). Free DVD rentals, so we can watch movies, they also have a steak-and-wine special on in the restaurant, I have massages booked for each of us that night with Bobbi (the hotel's masseuse), and I'm going to set up the room early, before we actually check in. Boy, it'll be great!

PS. Everyone should stay at the Victoria Inn - it's a wonderful place with lots of free stuff for customers. Ask me about it sometime.