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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Fit as a Fiddle

I've now been going to the gym with Sarah for about 5 days (over 2 weeks). w00t w00t we're doing good! It's repetitive without being boring, which is good. Though I always feel so bad cuz Sarah gets done on the machines faster than I do, so she has to wait around for me (eh Sar?). Within a month we're both gonna be drop-dead sexy. I can't wait to fit into my "skinny jeans" again!! Hey Sar, we're gonna have to go clothes-shopping for some really super-skanky clothes for when we have the bodies (not that I'd wear them in public, mind you).

Monday, May 22, 2006

Another Day in My Life

So, another day another dollar. I'm working a bunch of night shifts lately, and Cody's on mornings, which means we hardly get to see each other. We both get Thursday off though. Next week I'm on evening shifts because I (yes, me) am TRAINING the new girl. Who's good!!?? I've not even been working here 6 months yet, and they're already having me train someone on evenings. The good thing is, she's going to be working the 2 nights a week when Garry is off, with only one weekend off per month, which means I don't have to hardly ever do nights. WOOHOO!!!!!!! (I HATE nights). Nights mess up my life.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sexy T

Man, I get so many guys hitting on me at work. In high school nobody wanted to date me. Now that I'm married, I'm beating them off with sticks!!