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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Well, since Value Village opens up on Sarah's birthday, I was going to treat her to a shopping spree as my present to her, but then when we were shopping together the other day, she totally flipped out over the best present ever. So I got it for her. It's actually better that I got this, because now Cody can sort of be part of it too (he'll wrap it up LOL).

Bills keep coming in, and I'm getting so down that I won't get any money from the government for my education. I can't print off any applications because all the apps online are for full-time studies, not part-time. Guess I have to go in person to the education building sometime today and pick one up in person. Blah, driving on a day off. For some reason it repulses me.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Now it's Sarah

LOL ok last post I was extremely sick, now it's Sarah who's sick! (I didn't give it to her, really). So, I'm off to go visit her today, to baby her and possibly clean her house (hey, you can't do housework when you're sick). Poor Sarah! Especially when Francis is out for the weekend as well - not a fun time to be all BleEAagh.

On other news, it's tax time!! Got me my tax forms, now I just gotta sit down and do them... mlah. Well, I guess doing taxes is okay - it's just organizing data, really. And I'm a very organizational person, so it should be fine, except I have to do Cody's now as well.

So that's my story. To finish this post off, I'll just let you know: Value Village opens up on March 23rd!!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006


I am SO incredibly sick. Well, not so much today, but bad enough that I called in sick to work. Yesterday night was incredibly rough - getting up every 2 hours to get sick. And poor Cody had work the next morning, so he was sleepless.

On the up-side, we're putting aside $50 from every paycheque towards our trip that we're going on with Sarah & Rob this summer to Edmonton. That should bag us about $400-500 for it. Not only that, but if we can hack it, we're going to try to put aside $200 from every paycheque towards my education. If we can manage, I'll be able to take 2 biology courses every 4 months, which will give me a Major for my B.Ed. within 2 years!! yaaay!