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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Stupid Alcohol

Ok after we went home from the bar last night (after meeting Abby Mulenga there and several other people I knew), Cody and I got into a bit of a fight. By "fight" I mean that the whole car ride home he didn't speak to me (when it should've been ME not speaking to HIM), and then when we got home he promptly went to the couch to sleep there. I was furious and stomped off to the bedroom. HE was drunk, HE was the one being stubborn and irrational. But then I came out of the bedroom as he was coming towards it and we made up.

But in the morning we talked it over -- drunkenness does not make for good friendships, and especially not good marriages. Not only that, but we are Bible-believing Christians, and the Bible says not to get drunk. Hey, it doesn't bash a social drink here and there, but we are supposed to be in control of ourselves, and I don't like how I (or Cody) act when we're dead-drunk. It's just not who we are, and I don't want to take any steps towards a long spiral down. That long spiral down starts with one bar trip, which leads to more, which leads to every week....

and I don't want that.

Sorry Sarah and Rob -- I don't mean to be antisocial, but I don't like Cody when he's drunk (so much weeping and accusing), and I will stick to my religious convictions even if it means seeing you less. But it shouldn't mean that.

Friday, February 03, 2006

3 Days Off

Well, I got 3 days off in a row, and this is the last of them. Guess I actually have to get some housework done LOL. Since Sarah lent me Age of Empires 3, I haven't gotten a lot of dishes/cleaning done :S oopsie...
Found out that nowhere does B.Ed. by distance learning, which means I either have to take 5 years at B.U. or 3 years at U of M to get it... shucks.