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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Check it out!

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Temptress Imparting Naughty Affection

Heehee Oops!

Ok, so not even a week goes by and I'm posting that I have yet another new job. That's right -- Victoria Inn (which was supposed to call before I started with Convergys) just called and offered me a FULL-time (for now) position as Front Desk clerk. That's AWESOME, because if it wasn't enough hours, I was going to turn them down!!

In other news though, the photographer screwed us over by $50... so totally didn't explain that reprints were an extra charge. Said he did, but really, how do you prove it either way?

Sunday, December 11, 2005

New job

Eeee, tomorrow I start my new job! I'm so nervous (well, not sleepless-type nervous, but nervous that I won't be able to hack it). I'm going to be working at Convergys. Big pay, but big stress as well. Sarah was contemplating going there too, but I don't know if she will, now that her boss is going to try to give her Sundays off (it would be a good move financially though).

Besides that, Christmas is coming and we still don't have our Christmas lights up. Not only that, but we have zilch (or near zilch) in our bank account because of a lot of big expenses that just happened (ie. the lawyer for our house purchase, our first hydro bill, monthly lot rent, plus payment to the bank). Yowch, never been this broke before.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I officially quit my job at the Trails West, and will now be a Convergys employee (yaaaay). I get to answer phones all day with complainy, whiny people asking me how to do stuff (or demanding I do stuff). Well, whatevah. It pays good. I start on the 12th. Hope I get my first paycheque before Christmas, cuz it'll be way bigger than my last job, and then I can do some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Boy, I've done way too much housework today, but I still wish I could do more. I had to stop doing dishes after only one load, because the pipes under our sink sprung a leak >_< Crap. I am no handy-woman. Must get Cody and/or Rob plus a wrench.