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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My job

Ok, I'm thinking about quitting my job. Have been for awhile. Just today I got a job offer (starting wage is $9.25) for a job that looks, well, a wee bit challenging. To go for it and go for lotsa money? Or wait another couple weeks for a job that looks more up my alley?

Sarah and I joined the choir in church (go us!). First practise is this weekend, so I guess I have to postpone going to Strathclair by a couple hours. Cody was going to have to go by himself, but I managed to get Saturday and Sunday off.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

New kitty!

Even though my car is being repaired (stupid heater decided to konk out right as winter's starting), Sarah is driving me to the Human Society to pick up our new cat! We had reserved Kendra, but after playing with her yesterday, we decided she was too vicious and finicky for us (like any Siamese is). Luckily, the one we loved last time, Sassy, was not adopted by the person who'd reserved her! We snatched her up, so we get to introduce her to her new home today.